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Alfa Laval Mixing options

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Match and mix

Solutions for agitation and mixing

The right process for the right product

How you mix depends on what you mix. The right agitator or mixer for you is the one that gives you the best mixing results and the best economy.

Many applications, such as maintaining suspensions or keeping mixtures homogenous during storage, are best served by agitators. Among other things, agitators are well adapted for working with high-viscosity media or fibrous or abrasive ingredients.

Other applications benefit from new technologies. The unique characteristics of rotary jet mixers offer new opportunities and new ways to save. And the superior coupling of magnetic mixers has advantages for the biopharm industry.

To find the right technology for you, you need a supplier who understands them all. Alfa Laval has a complete portfolio with agitators, rotary jet mixers, magnetic mixers and all the equipment to support them.

Your mix decides the method

As the leading supplier of hygienic mixing solutions, Alfa Laval offers a full spectrum of options for hygienic industries.

Which mixing technology is the right one for you depends on your industry, application and goals.

With our extensive know ledge of mixing and specific industry applications, we can provide you with relevant advice and suggest the best technology to meet your specific needs.

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