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Keofitt Aseptic Sampling Systems

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Keofitt LogoKeofitt Aseptic Sample Flask

The Keofitt Aseptic system enables user to take a truly representative aseptic sample. The system protects the sample against airborne contamination, while taking the sample and during transportation. Sterilization takes place by steam with bottle head in place.
The system is compatible with all small and medium sized sampling valves.

Other Keofitt sampling bottle heads offer protection from contamination while sampling and some protection during transport. Sterilization takes place in autoclave. The bottle heads can be connected to all small and medium sized sampling valves.

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Sampling bottles

Sampling bottles

260001 Aseptic Sampling System, without stand and bottle W9 Hosepiece

260030 Sample bottle head, whithout stand and bottle W9 Hosepiece
860030 Sample bottle head for W15 (without bottle) Mini TriClamp
870030 Sample bottle head for W25 (without bottle) Clamp 1"


260500 Stand and bottle for 500 mm. Aseptic bottle 500 ml.

261000 Stand and bottle for 1000 mm. Aseptic bottle 1000 ml.
260170 Filling tube , 500 ml 500 ml
260270 Filling tube, 1000 ml. 1000 ml
260200 Glass bottle 500 ml
260210 Glass bottle - PVC Coated 500 ml
260300 Glass bottle 1000 ml
260310 Glass bottle - PVC Coated 1000 ml
550002 Connection hose PTFE - w/ quick release 0.5 m
550003 Connection hose PTFE - w/ quick release 1.0 m
550004 Connection hose PTFE - w/ mini clamp 0.5 m
550005 Connection hose PTFE - w/ mini clamp 1.0 m

Spare parts for Sampling Bottles

260059 Pressure relief valve for asep. sys.

260081 Snap Clutch for Sterile filter 260122 for asep. sys.
260115 PTFE Coated Gasket for asep. sys.
260118 Rubber Handle for asep. sys.
260156 O-ring EPDM, 9,5 x 2,0 for asep. sys.
260158 O-ring EPDM, 22,23x2,62 for asep. sys.
260159 O-ring EPDM, 24,6 x 2,4 for asep. sys.
400830 O-ring Silicon, 5,3 x 2,4 for asep. sys.
600825 O-ring Silicon, 7,1 x 1,6 for asep. sys.
800830 O-ring Silicon, 10,3 x 2,4 for asep. sys.
800859 O-ring Silicon, 7,5 x 2,5 for asep. sys.

800061 St. St. Plug for asep. sys.
855543 Valve head type Q (PTFE-TFM1600) for asep. sys.
850055 Membrane, PTFE (TFM 1600), white for asep. sys.
600255 Tool for dismounting PTFE membrane for asep. sys.

Steam Boiler

550000 Steam Boiler, without gas canister 250 ml

Spare parts

550002 Connection hose PTFE - w/ quick release 0.5 m

550060 Level Guage . Complete
550142 Burner stand /Nozzle

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