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Alfa Laval Automation - Automation and Monitoring

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Automation and monitoring


Alfa Laval's leading hygienic valves are supported by a noteworthy offering in valve automation. Equipped with a "notouch"¯ sensor that provides set-and-forget ease, our control and indicator units combine unparalleled accuracy with total reliability.


In full control

AutomationAutomation constitutes a huge field, and the ways of applying it in hygienic processes are both complex and changing. Nevertheless, Alfa Laval has held a position as an innovator in hygienic valve automation for a decade.

Having sold 300 000 ThinkTop® valve control units during that time, we possess a proven track record of reliability and low cost of ownership.

This success derives in part from a dedication to automation itself. Whereas other suppliers see automation as a small part of much larger turnkey products, we approach automation on a component level and allow it to come into full focus.

With a concept department that explores automation advances and industry needs, as well as a committed research and development staff, we are able to stay at the forefront of automation work.


Thinking differently

Alfa Laval's leadership in valve automation can be summarized in a single word: ThinkTop. Since its introduction, the ThinkTop valve control unit has redefined the way industries look at valve actuation and monitoring.

Unlike traditional control units with manually adjusted proximity switches which are still used by many of our competitors ThinkTop is able to store parameters for valve operation. Using a state-of-the-art "no-touch" sensor system, preconfigured with a tolerance band, ThinkTop detects valve stem movement with previously unthinkable accuracy. Since ThinkTop recognizes the slightest deviation in the opening or closing of a valve plug, it prevents even the risk of minor leakage. Moreover, the information obtained from the valve controls can be used to track operation from batch to batch. This is important for safety, especially in sensitive applications where detection of the tiniest contamination is critical.


Divided assets

Naturally, there are countless ways to make use of automation. While access to comprehensive data for batch reports and trending is essential in some applications, simple real-time monitoring is often sufficient in others.

To meet these diverse needs, we have divided our ThinkTop technology into a range of different valve control units: ThinkTop, the mid-level ThinkTop Basic and the relatively simple IndiTop monitor.

With these three units, Alfa Laval covers the whole spectrum, from true automation and a full range of electronic interfaces to cost-effective indication of valve position. Since all units can be fitted onto Alfa Laval valves without special expertise or costly adaptors, they make it easy to upgrade with changing requirements.


Sturdy and stable

Because their "no-touch" sensor is impervious to temperature and vibrations, Alfa Laval control and indicator units offer a high degree of durability. Our ThinkTop Basic unit has even been ATEX certified, which means it can be used in potentially explosive environments.

In addition, our automation is unique in having both IP66 and IP67 classifications. Since they prevent the ingression of particles and liquid, the units can be hosed down with water or even drenched in cleaning fluid without putting important settings at risk.

Put simply, our valve automation offers not only accuracy, but security and ease as well.

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