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Alfa Laval Clip 3 Plate Heat Exchanger.

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Pasteurization and general cooling/heating of dairy and brewery
products, fruit juices and similar food products.
Working principle
The heat exchanger consists of a number of corrugated plates
clamped together in a frame and sealed at the edges by means of
The plates have ports at the corners and the gaskets are so arranged
that the two media flow through alternate passages between the
plates. The two media are separated by the plates and cannot be
mixed. Heat is transferred through the plates, from the hot medium
to the cold.
One unit can contain several heat exchangers, separated by
connection plates with interchangeable connections.
The frame consists of a fixed frame plate, a movable pressure plate,
an upper carrying bar, a lower guiding bar, a support column and
tightening bolts with nuts.
The Clip 3-RM frame plate has adjustable feet and the Clip 3-RMV
is without feet for wall mounting.
The corrugation of the plates provides a passage between the plates,
supports each plate against the adjacent one and enhances the
turbulence, resulting inefficient heat transfer.
The plates have a chevron pattern for maximum strength at high
working pressures.
The plates are reversible and have parallel flow, which means only
one type of plate is needed.
The plates are supplied with glue-free Clip-On gaskets, which are easy
to replace even with the plates still hanging in the frame.
No tools are needed to replace the gaskets.

Flow principle of a plate heat exchanger
Standard Materials
Stainless steel AISI 316.
Nitrile-FDA,Clip-On design.
Connection plates of mild steel, clad with stainless steel in glass
blasted finish. Nuts of chromium plated brass. All other parts of
stainless steel.
Technical Data
Actual heating surface 0.058 m2
All connections 25 mm
SMS or DIN male parts.
Other union standards on request.
Mechanical design pressure (g) / Temperature
Frame RM - 10 bar/150C
Complies with European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), may
carry the CE mark depending on the design conditions.
Pasteurization 2,500 l/h
Heating/cooling 4,500 l/h
Water 8,000 l/h
A. Protection sheet
B. 3-A finish
C. Extra standard wrench
D. Test certificates and material certificates
E. Testing by authorized inspection companies
Dimensions (mm)

A) Adjustable feet +/- 15 mm
Overall length varies depending on numbers of plates and connecting
plates. Recommended free space around the unit is 1 meter at sides
and sufficient space at the frame head end to pull out the bolts
ESE00257EN 0701 The information contained herein is correct at the time of issue,
but may be subject to change without prior notice.
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