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Scandi Brew Combined Safety Valve

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To minimise risk of tank damage due to implosion and overpressure.
Applicable as an option to dead weight or spring
regulated safety valves. Please see separate PD leaflets.

The combined safety valve comprises a vacuum valve housing
with an overpressure safety valve on top. The valve is
available with the overpressure design in the following
. Bursting disc
. Spring loaded overpressure valve or remote controlled
Pressure Exhaust (PE) valve
. Dead weight pressure relief valve
Please see separate PD leaflets.

Available sizes:

3" / DN80 70 mm 50 or 80 mm 11⁄2" or 2" 2" or 3"
4" / DN100 100 mm 80 or 100 mm 11⁄2", 2" or 3" 2", 3" or 4"
6" / DN150 150 mm 80 or 100 mm 11⁄2", 2" or 3" 2", 3", 4" or 6"
8" / DN200 200 mm 80 or 100 mm 11⁄2", 2" or 3" 2", 3", 4" or 6"

Size and choice of valve type should be made based on the
tank design data and process requirements.

All metallic parts: Stainless steel AISI 304
(or acc. to customer specifications)
Valve bodies: PP
Valve gasket: NBR. Non-toxic food grade materials.
Bursting discs: Graphite
The vacuum valve housing is supplied with a built-in CIP
nozzle that ensures complete cleaning inside the housing.
CIP connection: 1/4" BSP socket.

The anti vacuum valve operates as standard at 50-75 mm
W.G. depending on valve size.

The pressure relief valve/bursting disc ensures pressure
exhaust if pressure in the tank exceeds the preset opening

The vacuum valve housing can be cleaned during tank CIP
cycle by connecting CIP nozzle to main CIP supply.
When the tank is cleaned pressureless a small volume of
cleaning fluid will pass the vacuum valve body and clean the
seat. To ensure thorough flushing of valve seat, force opening
of the valve is necessary - this is also done when the tank is
The use of a drain collector is recommended to prevent
detergent from running over tank top.

The unit is as standard delivered with a 90 bend ending in a
liner and nut. The valve house should be placed in an upright

Requires routine check of function. Replacement of valve
joints is recommended every 2-3 year depending on CIP procedure.

. Design ensures operational reliability
. Low vacuum set points
. Fully cleanable with CIP system
. Compact design and easy mounting

Special Versions
The vacuum valve housing is available with a flanged tank
connection and can also be supplied with horizontal mounting
pipe end. If only anti vacuum safety is required the upper
valve part can be blanked off.

Extra Equipment
. For bursting disc: Protecting cover
. For spring loaded
overpressure valve: Adjustable spring, proximity switch and
force opener.
. For PE valve: CIP bypass
. For vacuum valve: Drain collector, proximity switch, force
opener and stainless steel CIP pipe for
CIP nozzle.
. Heating elements.

Scandi Brew Combi Valve Options

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