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DMV - Pigging System for low-germ processes

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DMV - Pigging System for low-germ processes

Sterile processes pose stringent hygienic demands on system components. For low-germ processes we offer DMV pigging systems featuring 3-A rated CIP/SIP LIAGarc valves, pigging valves (EHEDG certified) and specifically designed pig launching and receiving stations. The typical problems are thus eliminated from the very start.

By virtue of the modular component design, thread and clamp unions are virtually no longer needed. All valves, even when welded in place, can be taken apart and easily converted.

The product is drained off with a dynamic 2-seal lip pig designed for the DMV pigging system. Dynamic lip pigs are extremely efficient cleaning systems and work practically without any wear.

90 standard bows (1.5 x D) can be passed without any problem. Different inside pipe diameters within a flow system are reliably compensated by the dynamic seal lips. In many places existing flow systems can therefore be converted to cleaning with pigs without major expenditure.

As an option, dynamic lip pigs are equipped with a magnet for location and control and can be cleaned in the closed system without removing it.


  • Close and sterile pipe system with CIP/SIP- LIAGarc- and pigging valves (EHEDG certified)
  • No dead pockets
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place
  • Number of thread and clamp unions can be minimized
  • Very few different spares needed due to uniform modular system for all components
  • Safe separation of products no mixed phases
  • Reduction of product loss and time consuming drain-of
  • Optimized cleaning result by use of dynamic lip pigs absolutely tight - practically no wear
  • 90 standard bows (1.5 x D) can be cleaned with pig
  • The pig can be cleaned in the closed system without removing it
  • The DMV system is suited for one or more pigs in the same system and can be completely automated
  • All components comply with 3A (FDA) sanitary standards
  • Available in 1 " 4" / DN 40 DN 100
  • DMV systems are particularly serviceable for low-germ processes and high viscous/pasty products, such as yoghurt, dressings, softcheese, chocolate, etc.
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