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Alfa Laval HLSD-2 Circular Pressure Manway

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On Top of your pressure Tank

Access Tank Cover -Circular Cover Type HLSD-2

HLSD-2Outward opening manhole cover type HLSD-2 is used on top of pressurized tanks and containers where closeable means of access to the interior of the vessel is required. HLSD-2 is approved and can be used on pressure vessels according to PED 97/23/EC.

Working principle
HLSD-2 is secured in the closed position by swingbolts, which, together with the seal in the cover, ensure complete tightness. The cover is attached to the frame by a rigid hinge, giving exact location of the cover in the closed position and designed to stop the cover at an angle of 20-30obeyond the vertical position when opening.

Standard design
- HLSD-2 is designed according to Merkbl¤tter AD 2000 newest edition.
- HLSD-2 is designed for mounting in pressure vessels until hazard category IV.
- HLSD-2 is designed for fluid group 1 and 2.
- HLSD-2 is not pressure tested and must be tested as a part of the pressure vessel.
- HLSD-2 has from 4 up to 14 swingbolts subject to size, pressure and temperature.
- The seal between cover and frame is located in the cover.

Product wetted steel parts: 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Other steel parts: 1.4301 (AISI 304).
- Incl. inspection certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204 for product wetted steel parts.
- Incl. EC unit verification module G according to PED 97/23/EC.
- Incl. FDA declaration § 177.2600 for seal material (except FPM seal).
Seal:  - EPDM, FPM, Silicone, FEP covered silicone, FEP covered FPM, PFA covered silicone.
For recommended max. temperatures, please see paragraph concerning technical information.
Finish:  - Standard surface finish: Semi bright. Outside Ra 1.6, inside Ra 0.8.
Other surface finishes available as option.
Note! Weldings are not treated.

Technical Data
Max. allowable pressure PS (bar): . . . . . . . . . . . . .According to selection table.
Min. allowable negative pressure PS (bar): . . . . . . .Full vacuum.
Max. test pressure Ptest (bar): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .According to selection table.
Temperature range: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  -10 °C to + 250 °C (-50 ºF to 482 ºF)

Internal diameters of frame:
200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm
(7.87 inch, 11.81 inch, 15.75 inch, 17.72 inch, 19.68 inch and 23.62 inch).

A. Spring to assist opening.
B. Arrangement for securing cover in open and closed position.
C. Bracket for indication unit.
D. Handle in stainless steel.
E. Guide for cover for vertical installation. Please define positioning of the hinge (right or left hand side).
F. Sight glass DIN 28120.
G. Sight glass DIN 11851.
H. Safety grid.
I. Special surface finish.
J. Frame height G = 300 mm (11.82 inch).
K. Seal of Q (silicone), FPM, FEP covered silicone, PFA covered silicone, FEP covered FPM.
L. Conical frame, different frame thickness and frame height available on request.

Please state the following when ordering:

- Coversize.
- Max. pressure and corresponding temperature.
- Max. temperature and corresponding pressure.
- Optional extras.
Selection Table
HLSD-2 Selection table

HLSD Dim Diagram

Dimensions mm / inch
HLSD-2 Dims
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