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Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers - Heating and Cooling

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Heating and cooling

With their thermal efficiency and superior cleanability, Alfa Laval's heat transfer components excel in critical heating and cooling processes. Our leading gasketed plate heat exchangers are joined by innovative non-gasketed models and specialty heat exchangers for biopharm use.

A degree of difference
Heating and CoolingToday's hygienic production places growing demands on heating and cooling components, which must deliver shorter processing times while maximizing uptime and energy efficiency.
Achieving this requires a complex mix of thermal capability, precision and control.
Alfa Laval heat exchangers provide exactly these characteristics, combining exceptional heat transfer with gentle handling that protects product quality. By evenly distributing fluids and maintaining a consistent media flow, they not only allow for the most effective transfer of heat or cold, but also prevent irregularities that can cause fouling, burning or changes in the end product.
These features make Alfa Laval heat exchangers easy to work with as well, not least because the reduction of dead zones minimizes product build-up and enables more effective CIP. Combined with a compact design that simplifies access and claims less space in the process line, they make Alfa Laval heat exchangers an ideal choice for installation, operation and maintenance.

Original innovation
Alfa Laval has a long history of leadership in heat transfer, the results of which are readily seen in our plate heat exchangers.
Our plates, for example, were the first with a distribution area for optimizing product flow. While this feature is frequently copied today, our precision-engineered plates are still unmatched when it comes to directing the movement of fluid. This gives them not only superior heat transfer characteristics, but also exceptional cleanability even at the plate corners.
Similarly imitated and also unsurpassed are our glueless clip-on gaskets, which allow gasket replacement with the plate still on the frame. Whereas imitators rely on various snap-in solutions, our unique clip-on gaskets are easy to work with and can also be seen when the heat exchanger is closed, making it simple to verify alignment.

Suitably framed
Unlike industrial applications, hygienic applications place as many demands on heat exchanger frames as they do on plates and gaskets. For this reason, Alfa Laval has dedicated specialists who develop frames for hygienic needs.
On the one hand, these specialists ensure the use of standard-compliant materials and surface finishes, designed to safeguard hygienic processes. But they are also responsible for advantageous features, such as smaller ports for CIP without specialized pumps, or the five-point alignment system in our best-selling FrontLine series.

Advanced developments
While gasketed plate heat exchangers like FrontLine handle most food and dairy duties, we also offer heat exchangers for specialized demands, such as those in the biopharm and personal care industries.
Specifically developed and documented for biopharm, for example, are our Pharma-line and Pharma-X heat exchangers. Pharma-line is a double-tubesheet shell-and-tube heat exchanger that offers many options, while Pharma-X is a ready-built module for point-of-use cooling in Water For Injection (WFI) or Purified Water (PW) systems. Also used in clean-water applications are our Gemini plate heat exchangers, which have crevice-free double-wall plates and provide a higher turbulence that minimizes biofilm build-up.
Two other innovative plate solutions are our Compa bloc and AlfaNova heat exchangers. The laserwelded Compabloc, available in many different constructions and materials, is ideal for condensing duties, where it saves cost and space over other types of condensers. And our unique AlfaNova models are manufactured through a revolutionary bonding process known as AlfaFusion, which enables a construction of 100 % stainless steel.
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