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Alfa Laval Stainless Steel Hygienic LKD Oval Manways

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Access Tank Cover - Oval Cover Type LKD

LKDThe oval Access Tank Cover LKD manhole covers are used on tanks or containers where a closeable means of access to the interior of  the vessel is required.
The particular cover has been designed taking into account today's demands for manhole covers which are suitable for CIP cleaning processes and where access to the tank is only necessary for occasional inspection

Working principle
Open the cover by loosening the handle. For inspection purposes the cover can then be turned into the tank. If it is necessary to physically enter the tank, the cover can be removed at the double hinge or swung out of the tank, depending on the model. The seal is hygienically positioned and is not affected by positive or negative pressure in the tank.

MaterialsLKD Materials
Technical data
LKD Technical Data
* The above values apply for non-pressure manhole cover - type LKD.

Installation 440 x 320
Welding of manhole cover LKD 440 x 320 into insulated tank.

Installation LKD 535 x 435
LKD Installation 535 x 435In order to obtain a perfect seal and a good function of our manhole covers, it is essential that the welding of the casing is carried out carefully and correctly. If the cover is fitted on a vertical tank wall, the hinge of the casing must always be placed on the left hand side. For thin-gauged containers, ie. sheet thickness less than 2.5 mm, welding is easier, if the hole is marked in such a way that a 10 mm edge can be burred up as sharply as possible. When the hole is cut and the edge burred up, if applicable, the casing is inserted, and tack-welding is now carried on at points placed opposite each other all the way round, in the sequence shown in fig. 4.
The casing may now be fully welded on both sides. A control should be made by removing the rubber seal, and cover and casing should be assembled loosely to ensure that they fully contact each other over the whole surface.
Any stresses are removed by hammering the sheet around the casing.

Installation LKD 546 x 447
1. Remove seal from cover.
2. Fit cover with hinge in frame.
Please note the dimensions shown.
LKD Installation 546 x 447
3. Weld hinge to frame.
Left-hand hinge to the left and right-hand hinge to the right.

Please state the following when ordering:
- Cover size.
- Steel part material: 1.4301 (304) or 1.4404 (316L).
- Seal ring material type: EPDM, NBR, FPM, Q (silicone).
- Frame height

Dimensions (mm)
LKD Dimensions
LKD Dims Diagram
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