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Keofitt M4 Valve Range and Accessories

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Keofitt Logo Keofitt M4 Valve
The M4 sampling valve is the smallest Keofitt . valve, designed for sampling of low viscosity products, with particles up to 1.5mm in diameter. The main product range the M4 valve is used for has 0-100cP viscosity .

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M4 valve bodies:

400001 Tank Welding Hose
400011 Pipe Welding Hose
400014 Pipe Welding NW25 Hose
400021 Tri Clamp ˝" (OD 25 mm)
400022 Tri Clamp1" (OD 50,4 mm)
400031 Thread M28x1.5, incl. welding socket Hose
400009 Varivent® 68 Hose
400010 Varivent® 50 Hose

M4 valve heads:

400041 Turn-knob type H Silicone
400041E Turn-knob type H EPDM
405541 Turn-knob type H PTFE-TFM
400043 Lever handle type Q Silicone
400043E Lever handle type Q EPDM
405543 Lever handle type Q PTFE-TFM 1600
400044 Pneumatic and lever type N Silicone
400044E Pneumatic and lever type N EPDM
405544 Pneumatic and lever type N PTFE-TFM 1600
405547 Turn-knob 0-15bar(g) Silicone
400047E Turn-knob 0-15bar(g) EPDM
405547 Turn-knob 0-15bar(g) PTFE-TFM 1600

M4 spare parts:

400051 Membrane, silicon (grey), 10 pcs package
400052 Membrane, EPDM (black), 10 pcs package
400055 Membrane, PTFE (TFM 1600) white
400255 Tool for dismounting PTFE membrane
400062 Rubber cap , 10 pcs package
400064 Double stainless steel chain
400208 O-ring 60 x 3 - Black EPDM
400308 O-ring 43 x 3 - Black EPDM
400820 O-ring 15,3 x 2,4 Black EPDM
400830 O-ring 5,3 x 2,4 Red Silicon
600825 O-ring 7,1 x 1,6 Red Silicon
900820 O-ring 5,1 x 1,6 Red Silicon
900829 O-ring 21 x 4 Black EPDM
400076 Key-ring, turn-knob for M4 Key-ring valve head 40xx42

M4 Accessories:

400058 Sampling coil
400059 Adjustable pressure relief valve
400061 Quick release plug
400067 Hose piece M4 for welding (10x1)
400070 Quick release tube fitting for 8x1 st. st. pipe (incl. ref. 400074)
400071 Quick release tube fitting for 8x1 PTFE tube (incl. ref. 400073)
400082 Quick release tube fitting for ID 2 tubing
400084 Quick release tube fitting for ID 4 tubing
400085 Quick release tube fitting for OD13,5 / ID 5 tubing
400086 Quick release conversion M4 to W9
900048 PTFE tubing, 8x1 per meter:
900008 Socket for Alu-tank for 850031

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