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Keofitt Microport Valves and Accessories

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Keofitt LogoKeofitt Microprt

The Keofitt. Micro Ports™ are designed to take samples using a hypodermic needle or a syringe, with minimum risk of contamination. Designed for sampling low viscosity products with microscopic particles in the fluid. The main products Micro Ports™ are used for have about 0-50cP in viscosity.

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Micro Port™+other products


900056 Tank welding EPDM

900057 Pipe welding 1" EPDM
900014 Pipe NW25 EPDM

Multi MicroPort 49™

840001 Tank welding EPDM (7 pcs)
840009 Varivent 68 EPDM (7 pcs)
840020 Clamp 3" EPDM (7 pcs)

Spare parts

900049 EPDM septum - 10pcs.
900054 Hypodermic needle, short
900055 Cotton wick for ref. 900017/900056/900057, 100 pcs package
900077 Steel Chain for Microport
900441 Plug for MicroPort 15,00 A
900822 O-ring 9,3 x 2,4, Black EPDM
900824 O-ring 14 x 4, Black EPDM
900825 O-ring 37,60 x 2,4 Black EPDM
400208 O-ring 60 x 3 "Varivent"

Spare parts for obsolute Valves

100025 EPDM membrane - 10 pcs. Old MSV
100026 Silicon membrane - 10 pcs. Old MSV
100011 Membrane tool Old MSV
900551 Membrane for old Combi Valv Old Combi Valve

Carlsberg Flask

200001 Carlsberg Flask 25 litre

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