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Alfa Laval Pharma X Tubular Heat Exchanger

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In the pharmaceutical industry today there is a requirement for an
efficient sanitary heat exchanger for point-of-use cooling of Water for
Injection (WFI) with no risk of contamination between the product and
the cooling media. Our Pharma-X tube-in-tube heat exchanger has
been developed especially to meet this need.
Areas of application
The Pharma-X heat exchanger is ideal for point-of-use cooling of WFI
but can also be used for other duties where the purpose is to quickly
heat or cool purified water or WFI.
Unique tube-in-tube design
The Pharma-X heat exchanger is made up of three tubes placed within
each other with the product in the centre tube and the heating or
cooling media in the inner and outer tube.
A spiral is used to aid uniform spacing of the tubes, eliminate laminar
flow of the fluid and increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger. The
turbulent flow will minimize the risk for biofilm build-up.
The three tubes and spirals are bent as one through 180 degrees to
form a "U" bend. This provides a compact design with optimum space
Thermal expansion is taken up by the bend, which makes the
Pharma-X very suitable for extreme temperature differences in heating
and cooling applications and for steam sterilization.
No risk of contamination
The design of the Pharma-X heat exchanger with welds towards the
outside only is such that it completely overcomes the possibility of
cross contamination.
Another advantage of the Pharma-X heat exchanger is that there are no
parallel flow channels on the product side, and there are no dead legs.
Low cost of operation and maintenance
In the Pharma-X heat exchanger, heat transfer is extremely efficient
due to the product cooling/heating on both sides. This increases the
speed of heat transfer and it has been found that the time delay for the
temperature to stabilise can be as little as 15 seconds.
The Pharma-X heat exchanger is virtually maintenance free with no
gaskets to renew thus saving valuable downtime of the system.
Special features
. Lowhold-up volume giving a quick response time for temperature
. Nointernal welds ensuring complete protection against cross
contamination and easy leakage detection.
. Fully pressure tested on all channels.
. Lowcooling water demand.
. Drainable on product side.
. Electropolished seamless tubes for high hygiene and cleanability.
Scope of supply
The Pharma-X is supplied as a naked heat exchanger or as a complete
"plug-and-play" module (fig. 1) to be installed as a built in sub-loop of
the WFI main loop. The module includes insulation, cladding, valves as
well as a pitot tube arrangement (fig. 2) for connection to the water
ring main. The Pharma-X heat exchanger is available in four standard
sizes with 1.0 and 1.5 m total length with an area between 0.3-1.0 m2.

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