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Alfa Laval Pharma-line Tubular Heat Exchanger

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Pharma-line is a high-quality shell & tube heat exchanger especially
developed to meet the high hygienic demands of the pharmaceutical
industry. The design of the Pharma-line makes it easy to drain
and clean, and there is no risk of cross contamination associated
with conventional heat exchangers. The documentation on a heat
exchanger in the pharmaceutical industry is equally important as the
hardware so the Pharma-line comes together with a high quality
documentation package as standard and most specials are available
upon request.
The unit is designed to work under highest hygienic conditions in
applications such as WFI, PW and heating/cooling of pharmaceutical
Design and working principles
The product media flows through a bundle of seamless, electropolished
tubes. The service media flows outside the tubes in cross flow. At the
end the tubes are fastened by two tube sheets (see Fig. 1) acting
as leakage indicators and prevent cross contamination between the
product and the service media. The Pharma-line can be installed
either horizontally or vertically depending on the duty or space. For an
easy installation, lifting and mounting devices are welded on the unit.
Thermal fatigue caused by large temperature changes are taken up by
the U-bend in 2-pass units and by a welded in bellow in straight units.

Special features
. Seamless tubes
. Double tube-sheets to protect against service media leaking into
the product.
. Completely drainable.
. No dead spots in the tubes.
. Designed according to FDA and cGMP.
. Flexibledesign.
Standard range
A standard range of U-tube designed Pharma-line is available that suit
most applications.
Technical data of standard units
Heat transfer area 0-5 m2
Design temperature 180C
Design pressure 10 barg/FV
Materials 316L and FDA approved EPDM,
USP class VI
Connections Tri-clamp on tube side and flanges
on utility side
PV codes PED and ASME VIII (U-stamp on request)
Welding according to ASME IX and EN-288-3, EN 287-1
Surface finish, product
wetted parts
Ra < 0,5 μm
Insulation available in mineral wool (ASTM C 975)
Documentation at delivery:
Drawing, list of welders and weld license, material certificate, liquid
penetration test report, surface treatment report, dimension control
report, pressure test report, installation, operation and maintenance
manual, CE-conformity documentation.
Other designs and documentation of Pharma-line are available on
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