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Alfa Laval CPM, SPC and Unique RV-ST Regulating Valves.

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Regulating Valves

CPM-2 Constant Pressure Modulating ValveCPM
The Alfa Laval air-actuated CPM-2 valve series is designed to maintain either constant inlet or constant outlet pressure important for such applications as pasteurization, separation, filling systems, filters, filtration and heat exchangers.
Inside, a diaphragm/valve plug system reacts immediately to any alteration of product pressure and changes position so that the pre-set pressure is maintained. The valve operates with a pressure-regulating valve for the compressed air and a pressure gauge in the product line.
The optimum body design of the CPM-2 results in several product benefits, such as excellent cleanability. As the inlet is tangential to the bottom of the valve body there is no sump.
One special plug allows very low capacities and high CIP flow.
SPC Regulating Valves
SPC regulating valves provide accurate control of pressure, flow, temperature and liquid levels in tanks and stainless steel pipe systems used for hygienic processes in the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries.
Unique RV-ST regulating valveUnique RV-ST
With an integrated IP converter and push-and-play setup, the Unique RV-ST regulating valve meets the highest process demands for hygiene and safety. Built on the Unique SSV platform, it is ideal for high-volume sanitary liquid processing applications.
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