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Industrial Trading Solutions Limited
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B46 1HT

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SLS Series
Eccentric Disc Pump

Seal-less Design

The Unique seal-less design features a double stainless
steel bellows which ensures durability, safety and
product containment. The SLS Series provides very high
suction and discharge pressures which allows it to self-
prime and fully strip lines, maximizing product recovery. 

Run Dry Capability

The SLS can run dry for up to 5 minutes, and the self-compensating eccentric disc principle provides consistent flow rates over a long period of time. The flow rate is extremely accurate even at low speeds.


 There are fewer moving parts, which results in reduced maintenance and downtime. 


Eccentric Disc design allows for consistent flow and improved energy savings
Extremely gentle, pulse-free flow to protect shear- sensitive products
Reduced maintenance with no mechanical seals or timing gears
Easy to install
Clean in place (CIP) and Sterilize in place (SIP) for the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness 


Bellows Monitoring System (BMS)
DIN 11851
DIN 11864 BF-A Aseptic fl
(2) Tri-Clamp ASME-BPE
Heating jacket
Mobile -mounted


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