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Alfa Laval Seat Valves

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Seat Valves

Alfa Laval's Single Seat Valve is an extremely reliable and hygienic design for stopping or diverting flow in single or multi-directional systems.
Single seat valves feature one single contact surface between the plug and the seat. They are one of the fundamental building blocks in virtually every kind of process installation. This means they have to be supremely reliable and versatile in order to maintain uninterrupted production with a high hygiene standard.

The Alfa Laval range of single seat valves bears the designations Unique SSV and Unique SSSV, and consists of large numbers of purpose-designedvalve units that are particularly robust and flexible.SSV
Unique single seat valves
Ideal for uninterrupted production in a broad range of hygiene-critical applications, Unique single seat valves are pneumatic seat valves used to shut off or change product flow.
LKAP seat valves
Compact and straightforward, LKAP seat valves are reliable air-operated shut-off valves widely used for small flow rates and for dosing applications in the dairy, food and beverage industries.
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