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Alfa Laval Tank Equipment - Tank Optimization

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Tank optimization

Through decades of work both in and around hygienic tanks, Alfa Laval has developed a thorough understanding of tank processes and dynamics. Although not a tank supplier, we provide leading cleaning solutions and all manner of tank-related equipment.

All but the tank itself
Tank OptimizationTanks are often at the heart of hygienic processes, where they are used not only for mixing and storage, but also for settling, fermentation and a wide variety of other applications.
While Alfa Laval is not a supplier of tanks themselves, we do provide a range of components that support and enhance their function. Our tank equipment represents a total package, combining the market's widest range of options with an in-depth knowledge of mixing, agitation and cleaning.
Quite simply, we provide everything to make a tank better inside and out. So whatever the tank or the task it performs, time and money can be saved by using Alfa Laval as a single supplier.
A clean revolution
Prominent in Alfa Laval's tank equipment offering is our Toftejorg range of tank cleaning devices. Firmly associated with leading innovation, the Toftejorg name signifies a fifty-year track record of ease and efficiency.
In any cleaning process, the aim is to clean quickly and thoroughly while using the least possible amount of cleaning fluid. This is most effectively achieved with our Toftejorg rotary spray heads and jet heads, which project cleaning media onto tank walls in an economical, three-dimensional pattern.
By combining impact with rotary motion, these dynamic cleaning heads remove residual material far more effectively than conventional static spray balls. As a result, they save time, water, detergent and energy in the cleaning process and ultimately money as well.
Making a match
For optimal cleaning and the greatest reduction of cleaning waste, it is essential to pair a tank cleaning device with the tank and the products it handles. Alfa Laval's range of Toftejorg spray heads and jet heads provides many possible options, including ATEX-compliant devices and the first rotary jet head with EHEDG approval.
Choosing a device is easy, not least because of the sizing and selection tools available to Alfa Laval's sales and working partners. Based on our years of experience and the comprehensive data from thousands of software calculations, our tools present not only the cleaning results for a given Toftejorg device, but also the potential return on investment.
The ideal complement
Of course, tank cleaning is only one aspect of a much broader offering. In addition to tank cleaning devices, Alfa Laval can provide a full assortment of tank equipment and accessories, from tank outlets and sampling valves to flow meters and other instrumentation.
Our mixers and agitators, for example, are based on our thorough understanding of tank and fluid dynamics.
Designed for optimal hygiene and low energy consumption, they can be constructed from standardized modules or custom-built to handle a particular process.
For the tank exterior, we can supply tank legs and a full range of Access tank covers, as well as a wide selection of sight glasses. Tank covers in standard and pressure models are available in all shapes and sizes, and sight glasses can be provided either with or without halogen light fittings.
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