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Scandi Brew Tank Pressure Regulator Type 2

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Scandi Brew LogoScandi Brew Tank Pressure Regulator Type 2

To maintain and regulate top pressure on pressure tanks
during filling, processing and emptying.

The pressure regulator comprises a single valve unit including
pressure relief valve, pressure supply valve, and connection
for pressure gauge. On top is a vent port with outlet connection.
Modular design to suit different requirements.

Valve block and vent port: Stainless steel AISI 304
Valve bodies (as standard): PP and stainless steel with
EPDM gaskets
All other parts: Non-toxic foodgrade materials.

The correct sizing depends on gas volume to pass during filling,
fermenting, or emptying. The table below can be used as
a guideline for standard fermentation:

Dimensions Filling/emptying/ Working capacity
CO2 formation rate of fermenter*

2" / DN 50 Max. 1000 hl / h Max. 4000 hl
3" / DN 80 Max. 2000 hl / h Max. 8000 hl
4" / DN 100 Max. 3000 hl / h Max. 12000 hl
* At max. fermentation rate 2.4 deg. Plato / 24 hrs.

Pressure regulators in size 1" and 11⁄2" are available in another
version (see separate PD leaflet).

Standard operating pressure ranges up to 3,0 bar/ 43,5 psi/
300 kPa.

The pressure regulator is available with spring regulation in
following versions:
. Fixed setting (one pressure only)
. Variable setting
. Pneumatic actuator

The pressure regulator is produced with weld type ends, but
can be delivered with threaded connections to suit customer
specifications, i.e. BSP, NW, RJT, IDF, DS or Tri-Clamp.

The pressure regulator is easily incorporated in the tank CIP
procedure by means of the CIP adaptor.
Before cleaning the CIP adaptor is mounted on the pressure
regulator whereby gas supply valve and pressure relief valve
are forced open and fully cleaned in bypass.
Important: During the CIP procedure all functions are

Tank connection at side branch is normally connected to the
pipe leading to the tank top. Optionally it is connected with
extra support by means of bracket fixed on reverse side of
valve block.

. Constant tank top pressure during filling, processing and
. Reliable setting of working pressure
. Fully cleanable with CIP system

When the valve unit is supplied with variable setting the relieving
pressure is adjusted to the required working pressure
in the tank.
When tank top pressure exceeds preset pressure (e.g. during
filling or fermentation) gas leaves the pressure regulator
through the vent port either for atmospheric discharge or for
If the tank top pressure decreases (e.g. during emptying) gas
is supplied through the gas supply connection at the bottom.

It is also possible to incorporate the pressure regulator in a
flow panel.
When included in CIP procedure - periodic disassembling to
check the internal appearance and the condition of valve
bodies and joints is necessary. Gaskets and O-rings to be
replaced approx. every 2-3 years.

Extra Equipment
. CIP adaptor (T-piece and 180°bend)
. Pressure gauge
. Protection valve for pressure gauge when CIP pressure
exceeds range for pressure gauge
. Mounting brackets

Scandi Brew Tank Pressure Regulator Type 2 Options

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